I Did Not Want to Get Up...

My alarm went off at 4:45 AM today, and I DID NOT WANT to get up. I had gone to sleep at 11:45 PM last night after a long day coming out of the firehouse and being at NJ HIIT. My body was warm and comfortable under the blankets; the sun was nowhere in sight, my Dohm noise conditioner machine was providing a relaxing environment, and the sound of random cars driving down the street were intermittent oceanic waves as I lay in my imaginary bungalow suite in Bora Bora. I did not want to get up; my body did not want to cooperate with my mental need for the grind… I just lay there.

However, the need to succeed kept slapping me in my head. Confronting a long busy day ahead of me, I knew that what I needed to do was to remove the blanket, force my legs to roll towards the floor and get my butt up towards the bedroom door. Once I am out the bedroom door, I would have overcome the hardest part of the day- getting up. I thought about how I wouldn't get the chance to workout LATER if I didn't get up NOW. How crappy I would feel if missed a workout because I have goals to crush that involved working out. At this point, my mind started playing games with me telling me things the way a Coach would, “It's ok, you need 8 hours of sleep anyway. You don’t have to coach a workout until later, why get up so early when you went to sleep so late? Jose, you worked hard enough yesterday, rest up. Jose, lead by example and get your 8 hours in” However, this was the voice of excuses and as legit as they may sound, these are false justifications hidden in a guilt trip.

Excuses are your minds attempt of lessening the guilt of lack of will power or action. Excuses seek to justify why your COMFORT is more important than your GRIND. Excuses will try to throw every reason why you shouldn’t do what needs to be done including throwing your own advice you give to others back at you. You need to realize this when it happens and fight back at it. Do not give in.

I DID NOT WANT to get up this morning, but I HAD TO. I had to because my reasons to get up and get going outweigh my reasons to lay, rest and give into my excuses. But, isn’t sleep important?… Absolutely, but I know if I don’t get it done NOW, there will have much more excuses on why I can’t get it down later. I know that if I don’t get up NOW, I will get caught up with appointments, clients, workout classes and NJ HIIT administrative work. On top of that, I have my daughter with me today who has constant baby needs which will make it harder (not impossible) to get it done later. If I don't get it done NOW, it just may not happen. (Besides working out first thing in the morning provides you with more physiological energy during and after a workout than late night workouts. *Coach Tip*) It’s as simple as that. You see, the GRIND is more of a mindset than what you do physically. There will be plenty of days that you don't WANT to get things done, but your NEED to SUCCEED, the GRIND, the HUSTLE, the determination to be the best MUST ALWAYS outweigh your excuses.

I was listening to a podcast yesterday that mentioned how everyone wants to be like Mike (referring to Michael Jordan). However, not everyone wants to work like Mike. Michael Jordan is a mindset. He was not necessarily the best basketball player of all time; he was the hardest working player in the game. According to this podcast, he would show up before everyone and practice, and he would literally lock up the arena after telling the custodial workers that he would take care of it. Michael Jordan was truly the last person to leave the arena! (Thank you, Eric Thomas). Michael Jordan did this because he wanted, needed and would not take anything less than being the best. His need to succeed, his daily GRIND and determination were more than showing up on time, more than practicing with the team, more than going home after practice. He was a MINDSET! The daily GRIND is a mindset! You, me and everyone has it inside of them, but not everyone WANTS it bad enough! We rather sleep, be comfortable where we are at in life and not move up in the ladder of success. Right? Get your mind right!

So, I want to share with you that it is ok not to want to get up in the morning. It is ok to have those excuses in your head giving you reasons why it's ok to push your goals and grind to the side. However, you need to recognize what is going on at that moment and be mentally strong to combat these excuses. Everyone is human, we all feel tired and need to rest and balance our lifestyle. Hey, I'm not saying don’t ever get your sleep in and have your days to unwind, but don’t make it a daily ritual! One day a week to unwind from the week may be ok, but the rest of the days, get up early and GET GOING! The real work is not at the gym or in the kitchen; it’s in your mind. If you can get your mind right, if you can master your will power and place your goals on a higher pedestal than your excuses, you will be able to master everything including working out and eating right.

I did not want to get up this morning, but I thought of my goals, of the NJ HIIT members and people who look up to me. So, this morning I woke up and removed the blanket away from me. I rolled my feet onto the floor, I sat there for 30 seconds as I took in my first deep breaths of the day. I came to the realization that I was NOT at Bora Bora but if I wanted to be there one day I needed to cut out the excuses and to get my butt up and GRIND NOW not LATER. I said to myself, “let's go, get it done,” I stood up, walked towards the door and begin my day.

The world isn’t going to wait for you. Your goals are not going to come to you! You have to carry your weight, get up and get going! Day after day, sunrise to sunset, you MUST rise and grind baby! GET YOUR MIND RIGHT NOW NOT LATER, EVERY SINGLE DAY! Good morning!

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