What happened on Super Bowl Sunday?

What happened this past weekend at the Super Bowl? How was one of the greatest comebacks in Super Bowl history accomplished? Down 3 points to 28 against the Falcons in the third quarter, the Patriots stepped their game up to pull off a historical win and become the 2017 Super Bowl champions. I sum this incredible success in a few words: mental toughness, tenacity, and consistency.

How many of you were already counting the Patriots out in the 1st half? All we had to do was scroll through social media feeds and see status updates such as “Guess the Pats are out” and “The Patriots did not show up today”…

Many, if not all of us at some point in our lives were in the same situation the Patriots were in on Sunday night. We were at a low moment in the scoreboard of our lives, or maybe some of you are at that point now. From this low point, we have two choices to make. Either we get our mindset back under our control, step our game up and give it our all to come out of the slump or we can succumb to the mental anxiety, psychological defeat and accept the loss even when there is more fight within us.

What happened on Sunday was no miracle or “luck.” It was no coincidence or foul play. What happened Sunday was a mindset change in not only the Patriots but also the Falcons. When you find yourself in the pit of defeat, will you accept it or give yourself a pep talk, straighten out your mindset and punch forward with all you got? When we find ourselves at a rock bottom point in our lives, everything is suddenly negative. Our attitude, our way of thinking, our speech, our energy and our will power does not reflect a winning spirit. When we're at a low point in our lives, the easiest thing to do is give up! The easiest thing to do is to approve of defeat! To accept what's happening to us! We accept the way we down talk ourselves, the way others treat us, the way we let our situations dictate our outcome!

However, you have a choice. That is what is so grandiose about our lives; WE HAVE A CHOICE. It may not always be a physical choice, but we have a rational and mental choice. No matter what situation you are or will be in, your response to that situation will determine your outcome. The situation is not under our control. Things that happen to us in our lives are not always under our will, however, your response to the situation presented to you is. You're in total control of your response to any situation. By being in control of your responses, you become the master, the engineer, the guru of your outcomes!

When you find yourself losing in the scoreboard of life, will you give in to it? Or will you re-route your plan, rally up your thoughts and take on the battle with tenacity? You and everyone around us have the same exact opportunity in life the Patriots had this past Sunday. We have a win or lose situation which to respond to if we want to achieve the outcome we want.

On another note, if you ever find yourself winning in life, soak it in for a bit, but then act like if you haven’t won at all. Keep that 2nd place humbleness still fighting to reach 1st place! Stay hungry! You should always elevate your first place vision higher to go higher with consistency. I always like to say where your focus goes, energy flows. But what happens when you reach that "focus" you had? When you attain what you were striving to get? Is it time to kick back, relax and not go after higher goals? Is it time to get complacent? The Marine Corps always taught me that complacency kills, this applies to everything in life: sports, war, professional careers, relationships, etc. Being too comfortable thinking you "have it made" will always come back to humble you down.

When you find yourself in the pit of defeat due to circumstances beyond your control, you have a choice. You have an opportunity to respond to your given status and create the outcome you have in mind. Be mentally tough NEVER to accept defeat in life. (Don’t get “defeat” and stepping back to re-strategize or get away from a bad situation confused). NEVER surrender to the voices of defeat (including other people) telling you that you can’t win in life. Be mentally strong to overcome the biggest challenge you will ever encounter: yourself. Take control of your mindset and empower it with champion words and thoughts to consistently succeed. Once you begin to win in life despite the obstacles, keep the momentum going because as you already know complacency kills. Being in total control of your responses gives you command of your outcomes. Anyone who achieves this type of self-power is undefeatable by external factors. Be mentally tough, take control of your mindset with tenacity, don't get complacent and you will see what it means to be a champion despite others (including yourself at times) counting you out!

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