4th Quarter Mindset

We've all heard it! "They always do better in the fourth quarter"... what is it about the 4th quarter that makes teams (or individuals) perform at their very best to pull off a win?

First of, congratulations to the Eagles and their fans for pulling off a win in an awesome Super Bowl championship game yesterday. Both teams played their hearts out, but as with any game, only one comes out victorious.

During the game, I heard it again "They will pull off the win in the fourth quarter as always"... What does this mean? And why do we have to wait until the fourth quarter to pull off a win (theoretically speaking)? Why are their even quotes that state "Championships are won in the fourth quarter"?

Let's take this statement and apply it to our lives. What is it about the 4th Quarter? We dial in! We are locked towards the goal! Whatever happened in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarters don't matter. The focus shifts towards a strong win and finish. However...

How come we have to wait until the shit hits the fan until we perform at our very peak most likely in the 4th quarter? Why can't we adopt this 4th Quarter mindset into all "Quarters" of our lives? Imagine a team that plays as if its the last two minutes of the game in the fourth quarter in every quarter of the game? That team would be aggressively unstoppable.

​Now let's imagine a person who everything they do in life is done with pride, attention to detail and is tenacious in their goals. A person who lives their lives knowing its never too late to win and gives it their all every single day to keep scoring in this Championship game we call life. Wouldn't you want that person on your team? I know I would.

A person who lives their life with a fourth-quarter mindset is UNSTOPPABLE. I am not saying they are fail resistant/proof because when the time comes that they fail (and every champion fails many times in their lives), they use the experience to become stronger and better.

I invite you to live your life as if every day is the Fourth Quarter. Do not wait until tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, because as many of you know (especially those of you who are parents), time goes by faster than we can understand.

Want to start a business? Begin today! Start writing down your plans, your vision, your needs to make this happen.

Want to go back to school? Begin today! The how, the what, the where- plan it out. Planning can take place at any time! The sooner you plan, the quicker the day will get here! What are you waiting for?

Want to change your career? Sit down and draft pros and cons. Get in tune with yourself and focus on what drives you! What is your PASSION? Begin making moves today! Again, planning can begin at any time! You don't need much money for a pad and pencil.

Not happy with your current situation in life? Guess what; it's the fourth quarter! It's Go Time! What are you doing about it? Take this steps towards healing and recovery. Then re-ignite your self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth! Plan today!

Fam! What I am conveying to you is that EVERY DAY IS YOUR FOURTH QUARTER! Live your life to the fullest! Don't wait until the last minute to make a move! You can start winning today; you have championship DNA inside of you. All you need to do is begin today! Plan your action steps, review your plan of attack, write your visions and goals down on a physical piece of paper, make necessary changes and begin to take small steps forward. Eventually, with this fourth quarter mindset, you will WIN THE DAY, and you will WIN in this game we call life! Let's GO!

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