Balance & Self-Renewal

What's going on guys! As I'm writing this, I am sitting at the firehouse where I spend a minimum of 48 hours of my week. There are times that are slow, and it gives me the opportunity to be able to do things such as this blog. Other times are non stop where we go from call to call barely coming back to the firehouse to relax for a moment. Nevertheless, 48 hours of my week are invested into a career of service. This leaves me with 120 hours out of the weekly 168 to distribute and balance between other essential areas in my life. These include quality time with my daughter, my girlfriend, my dog (they are family too!), my friends, my business, my clients and of course myself! This is not to mention other times spent dealing with an array of situations that branch off any of these.

I'm sure many of you can relate to the above. Some of you have four times the amount of things to balance between jobs/careers, children sport and team practices/games, elderly parents, a second job, school, grad school dissertations, volunteerism, lesson plans, etc. I am also sure that many of you can think of that ONE thing that you spend more than enough time on that may be affecting other areas in your life within the spectrum of responsibilities and life's "balance sheet."

This blog post is not a "how do I balance my life" posts or a "this is what to do" posts. This is a post to remind you (including myself) to pay attention to the ups and downs of your life. To be mindful of what we may be neglecting due to over timing one area in our life. Maybe we spend to much time at work and neglect family time. Maybe we spend too much time scrolling through social media to find out what going on in the other people's lives and neglect our self-care. Maybe we spend too much time attempting to please one person to meet their "requirements" of the ideal that we lose sight of who we are deep inside. Or maybe we attempt to do so much in one day every day that we lose sight of our health and fitness goals (acute or chronically). There are just too many scenarios in which we can live an unbalanced life, and in such cases, one or more areas have to be dealt with the unfortunate sacrifice.

We live in times where the daily grind of things is non-stop and this, in turn, becomes a routine and eventually a downhill spiral where we lose sight and control of who we are, who we vision ourselves to be and what we expect to accomplish. It's time to be mindful of our time; it's time to pay attention to the cues thrown at us by those aspects of our lives that are getting off balance. More importantly, it's time that we begin to set apart time to self-reflect, self-renew and self-balance.

One of the things I have incorporated into my life is simply called "Mellow Yellow" days. These are days that I completely separate from everything else in my life besides my family at home or ME. I block off my schedule and spend the entire day working on things that involve my personal growth, self renewal and/or improves my connection to my family at home. I'm either hiking, running, going out with Denisse and Ava on a day trip, focusing on things that have only to do with my personal inner growth and family. Mellow Yellow can merely be rest time at home without focusing on business, work or anything of that nature including other aspects of life that stress us out. You are not working on or in the job/business; there is no planning, no organizing work-related thing, simply relaxing! Mellow Yellow stands for MY time! Financial advisor Wayne Cotton invented this concept (color-coded days) and you can read it more on this here.

When it comes to balance, there is no one way to achieve it; everyone has different priorities and lifestyles. However, the one thing to include in the balance plan of your life is time for yourself. Although, family time can be seen as "MY" time, do your best to include time for self-meditation and self-awareness of who you are, who your ideal self is and compare the two to begin your roadmap towards self-renewal. Even if its simply 5-10 minutes a day sitting down with your eyes closed letting thoughts wander off your head, this is YOU time. I typically don't advise people to stick to a strict schedule of daily routines because let's face it, we have to be flexible and things do happen in life where we need to adapt and overcome. However, set a daily habit of things that need to be accomplished between waking up and going to sleep which includes all spectrums of things in life that need to be balanced.

I hope this triggers some idea or plan in you guys for you all to begin your roadmap to balancing your life and self-renewal. Think of it as when you are exfoliating your skin, but instead exfoliating your mindset and soul. I hope everyone is doing well and remember all success in life begins with your mindset!

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